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Automatic Glass Washer

Automatic Glass Washer

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Introducing the High-Pressure Faucet Glass Washer, the ultimate kitchen sink accessory for effortless glass and cup cleaning. Say goodbye to handwashing as this automatic glass cup washer takes your dishwashing game to the next level.

🌪️ High-Pressure Cleaning: Experience the power of high-pressure rinsing that effortlessly removes stubborn stains and residue from your glassware and cups.

🪣 Automatic Convenience: Simply place your glass or cup under the faucet washer, and it does the rest. No more manual scrubbing – enjoy hands-free cleaning at its finest.

🚰 Fits Your Faucet: Designed to easily attach to your kitchen sink faucet, this glass washer is compatible with most standard faucets. It's a seamless addition to your kitchen setup.

🍶 Sparkling Results: Achieve sparkling clean glassware every time. This glass washer ensures your glassware is ready for your favorite beverages without any lingering odors or tastes.

⏱️ Time-Saving Wonder: Streamline your kitchen routine by significantly reducing the time and effort needed for glass and cup cleaning. Spend more time enjoying your drinks and less time washing up.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Oleksandr Chornoivan
Clean Glasses anytime!

It works perfect. Very useful and easygoing.

Macy Kris


Caleb Christiansen

Shipping is fast and stuff is accurate

Reilly Donnelly

Not mounted so not tried
But of very good quality

Shaun Sporer